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February 18, 2015
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Under The Sea Prom


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On March 7 at Hunter Valley Farm, Positively Living is hosting “Under the Sea The Prom You Always Wanted But Never Had…Until Now!” The event will raise funds for Positively Living and Project ACT.

Why a prom?

Well, we happen to love an excuse to dress up and have a good time—add dancing, legally-spiked punch, prom photos, an awesome late night breakfast served by Holly’s Eventful Dining, and a drag queen Prom Queen contest.

What’s not to like? And to boot—tickets are only $50!

Depending on where and when you went to high school, if you were a same sex couple, attending prom together may—to put it mildly—have been a bad idea. Here are some scenarios:


  • It would have freaked people out
  • We wouldn’t have been comfortable
  • I have no idea how it would have gone down because I wouldn’t have dared

So, here you go. “Under the Sea The Prom You Always Wanted But Never Had…Until Now!”

But there’s more.

Like weddings, proms are fraught with emotion for everyone. Not everyone had a great experience—for whatever reason.

I spoke recently with a woman who missed her prom because her grandmother died.

I didn’t attend a senior prom because not only did my school not have a prom, but I was attending a previously all-male boarding school. For the couple of dances the school held per year, dates were bused in from all-girl boarding schools in the Southeast.

Bad prom stories abound.

And, really, we are all so much cooler, so much more attractive, and—most importantly—so much more confident in ourselves. Goodbye teen angst; hello grown-up prom.

Under the Sea The Prom You Always Wanted But Never Had…Until Now.

.Buy tickets at Funds raise support Positively Living’s programs, including Project ACT. I hope to see you there.

PS: If your prom night was fantastic, we hope you’ll join us, too. Lightning sometimes strikes twice.


Gay Lyons

Director of Marketing & Development