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Supportive Housing Program.

The Supportive Housing Program (SHP) provides housing and case management to men suffering from a combination of mental illness, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and other catastrophic illnesses. Men are eligible for the program if they have a documented history of co-occurring disorders including HIV/AIDS, mental illness and addiction; they have a history of chronic homelessness; and they are financially limited. By providing long-term, affordable housing combined with comprehensive therapeutic support, residents are afforded the opportunity to stay mentally and physically healthy. The SHP currently has 24 apartments located at 1501 East Fifth Avenue with 5 more to be constructed in 2015. For more information on the SHP program, contact Jered Croom at or 865-525-1540

Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS.

Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) is a federally funded collaborative between Positively Living and the East Tennessee Human Resource Agency serving the housing needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS in the 16 counties of the Knox and East Tennessee Regions. HOPWA financial assistance is available to eligible clients to aid in stabilizing their lives and thereby preventing homelessness. Funds are available for rental/mortgage assistance and utility assistance. To be eligible for assistance you must provide proof of positive test results. For more information on the HOPWA program, contact Leslie Blevins at or 865-525-1540, Ext. 228.

Ryan White, Part B

Ryan White Part B (RW) is a federally funded collaborative between Positively Living, the East Tennessee Ryan White Planning Council, and the East Tennessee Human Resource Agency serving the Transportation and Nutritional needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS in the 16 counties of the Knox and East Tennessee Regions. This assistance consists of case management, food and gas vouchers, and bus passes. To receive assistance, a referral to the program must be requested via the Medical Case Manager at the Center of Excellence (COE) (Knox County Health Department). If not enrolled with the COE and in need of RW assistance or for more information regarding the program, contact Lindsey Richesen at or 865-525-1540, Ext. 229..

Project Act

Project ACT (Awareness, Counseling, Testing) offers HIV testing, counseling and prevention services, particularly targeting younger men. For more information go to or contact Ernie Hoskins at or 865-525-1540 ext. 226.

About Positively Living

Positively Living serves vulnerable groups struggling to survive the challenges created by HIV/AIDS, homelessness, mental illness, addiction, and disabilities. Our mission is to improve the lives of the people we serve through advocacy, counseling, socialization, housing, case management and support.

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November 13, 2015

Home for The Holidays

October 26, 2015

OUTGROUP: New LGBTQ Youth Support Group

OutGroup’s purpose is to help LGBTQ+ youth safely explore their sense of identity alongside their peers in an open, supportive, and educational environment. This drop-in group […]
July 28, 2015

Summer Swing Auction Item–Holiday Evening for 8

Start the evening at the Temple-Pittman House—decorated for the season by host Brian Pittman, whose favorite holiday color is green. Following drinks served by Chip Barry […]